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Our private pilot program is at your pace. With 80 hours of flight time, you are able to earn your private pilot certificate in 90 days. Accelerated Private pilot program estimated cost is $19,325 - $25,700*. This includes both flight and ground lessons.

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At Lookup Flight Academy our commercial pilot students are at the center of our attention. Fill out this form to be sent a free guide showing the potential of becoming a career pilot and what benefits it will bring to you!

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Here at Lookup Flight Academy, we take pride in ensuring each student clearly understands how the aircraft functions and most importantly knows safety procedures.

Our instructors are dedicated to teaching you not only what is on your test—but also how it all works together so that when push comes down key-you will be ready! As an accelerated learner with additional educational benefits through access too our member training ground sessions which cover various topics such as avionics systems, engine systems, weather and aerodynamics.

You'll receive hands-on experience from some professional pilots who've mastered their craft just like they did before taking this

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